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Asana of the Week: Restorative

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As our body and mind relax, literally becoming softer, we create space to get in touch again with our natural qualities of compassion and understanding of others and self.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga: 

  • Deeply relaxes the body
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Enhances tranquil mood
  • Improves capacity for healing and balancing
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Boosts the immune system

Looking into the Lens of Restorative Yoga: Peace of Mind, Body and Spirit


I had been teaching Yin and Hatha yoga for some time before I decided to study under Judith H. Lasater, considered by many to be one of the masters of this style.  Her words and books really resonated with me but when I sought her out, her tranquil zen space really got me hooked.   It’s like floating on clouds while still connecting with everyone in the class.



Judith is masterful in holding the space for her students and her dialogue, well rooted in yoga philosophy and human anatomy, is accessible to all.  I find her Sangha intellectually stimulating while very peaceful and joyful and I hope to spread that peace of mind, body and spirit with humble sense of service. From the very first class I attended as a very Stressed out Cal student years ago, I am drawn to therapeutic aspect of yoga and for that reason I have returned to school for advanced certification in yoga therapy. It’s exciting to engage in deeper learning so that I may be of better service.  


– Kay Tsuyama, Restortive Yoga Instructor

First Steps on Own Yoga Journey

249412_228001943892550_6046183_nWhen talking with our teachers about how they began their yoga journey, they all were clearly inspired and intrigued by their very first yoga class. They were hooked from the get-go, regardless of when and where they started or the style of the class, and quickly returned for another lesson. In fact, time was irrelevant in the decision to become a teacher. While some had been students for many years and others decided after their first lesson, all saw teaching as a natural next step in their journey so they could be of service to others.

However, all of our teachers consider themselves first and foremost students, no matter how long they have been teaching.  Our teachers practice consistently, whether at home or at Nandi, and embrace the tenet of “practice what you teach and teach what you practice.”  Furthermore, almost all have taken additional trainings to expand their skills and knowledge and plan on taking more.


Most importantly, these teachers hope to spread their passion for yoga to others. They never know who is going to show up for their classes and maybe as teachers, they can light that spark to inspire others to begin their own yoga journey.

– Nicole Bryne, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Instructor


Nandi Yoga in Partnership with Lululemon: This Summer Solstice Gets Even Better with International Yoga Day in the Peninsula

Grab your mat and join the celebration for the first-ever International Day of Yoga in the Peninsula on June 21st. You can come for one class or join for the entire time:


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June is filled with lots of fun ways to celebrate – Doughnut Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Best Friends Day, and even, National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, but this one will be a worldwide phenomenon. Save-the-date and join us! Follow-up on latest event news from Facebook  and Twitter at Nandi Yoga. Follow us on #IDY and #NandiYoga for up-to-date conversations and shared posts. We have more exciting details to follow in the next few weeks!


– Wendy Klein, Founder of Nandi Yoga