Ten Years On and A New Beginning


It is hard to believe that we signed the lease for the space that has become Nandi Yoga almost 10 years ago.  After practicing and teaching for nearly a decade at studios all over the world, I came to the realization that I wanted to create a place where everyone could experience yoga – from little kids to seniors who still see themselves as youthful – all of whom have the excitement and passion to explore and learn.

It started with a few courageous teachers and students – Jennifer, Tiffany, Lauren, Nicole, and Joann, to name a few.  We offered flow yoga in adult and kids classes.  We tried Iyengar multiple times but it really caught on when Birgit joined and showed us the way.  Giselle brought us love and light with Jivamukti and now Sadhana Flow. Nicole helped us unwind with restorative, and Louis showed us how to connect with our core. We are experimenting with meditation and Kirtan. Our community has grown so much. Not everything will work at times, but we’ll keep at it and learn and evolve.

As we grew, we auditioned many new teachers who were not as prepared to teach as we liked, so we created our own intern program. Eventually, we started to run our own teacher trainings that combine philosophy, sequences, and real world practice so new teachers are ready to teach all of these things with compassion and precision.

We found ways to improve our practice rooms, from size to decoration to stereo systems to AC. Climate change is advancing, so we are now re-thinking how we will handle weather extremes without changing our commitment to green energy. The world might be changing, but our core values will remain the same.

A lot has happened over the past ten years, but our desire to stay centered to our values while adapting remains a constant. Our community has embraced this approach and encouraged us to continue along our vision. Many have told us that we need to do a better job of explaining who we are and what we are about, so, after ten years, today we are launching our new website – to share the story of Nandi. It’s the story of how all of us have grown and changed over time – just like life, growing and sometimes beginning anew – and we are excited to see what the future will bring.


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