Sharing the pain and spreading the love

The massive wildfires that spread quickly across the North Bay were on everyone’s minds over the past week.  Even if you didn’t have family or friends living up there, you were reminded every time you took a step outside and felt it in the air.  It felt another huge weight placed on our shoulders and a deep stab in our hearts after the tragedies of Las Vegas, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma (not to mention all of the other deeply unsettling news around our country and the world).

So what as yogis can we do?

First, be there for one another – reach out within your community and take the extra step of extending compassion to everyone around you.  Maybe it’s in a yoga class or on the highway in traffic.  Recognize that we are all affected by what happens around us and no one minds a little extra kindness (and sometimes that kindness is just what they need).

Second, do something to help those who have lost so much.  It’s comforting to those in need to know that we share their pain but it’s not enough.  As Albert Schweitzer famously said, “the purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others.”  It doesn’t have to be big – go give blood or bring food to a food bank.  Look in your closets and donate those things you really don’t need that can help a family rebuild their lives.  But do something.

Click here for those affected by the fires and here for the those affected by the hurricanes.



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